Save girl child!!…Independence day special

Silence in the room as I can’t hear
Fake smiles on their face, I may see it clear

Few minutes ago in the womb
I could feel their happiness & joy
With the hope of their heir boy

Full of worry already there
& I’m here to see a drop of tear

One day from school I came with delight
To show that my teacher wrote me as bright

No appreciation, no words to say
Because I’m a girl….. as always!!

I hope you got what I mean….
We are in the 70th year  our independence ….& yet bounded to narrow & restricted thoughts & rituals…..what if a girl is born at your place….she is also your heir….what if she can’t continue your name as a boy can…..but she can definitely take your name to that position where a boy can’t.
Wake up India ….its time to grow….this thinking won’t lead to progressive & continuous development ….unless the typical  concept of male heir changes….the word ‘developing country’ won’t change to ‘developed country’.




To my dearest ma’am


Once while opening box of memories,
I found thousands of stories,
None was so touching, except one
Placed at the bottom of my heart.

The olden days, the golden place,
At your laps, I learnt my English phrase,

You are the one who showed me world,
While others taught the rules for fighting swords,
Looking at you , I would find flaws in me
So that failures won’t make me flee.

And since now I’m going,
These memories won’t stop me from crying…:'(

If my mother taught me walking,
You showed the path for it.
& now,
One thing I have in my mind
In life when I would see you next time
I would make sure you shall be the reason for my shine!!😇
                                     ~ Sakshi
This poem is dedicated to my dearest teacher Jaymala Jadhav ma’am …..she is the one who taught me everything….. Even whatever I am able to write is because of her. When I was new in this city I could speak only Marathi….& the school in which I was admitted was full English that too (I.C.S.E) I was totally shaken….neither I knew Hindi …there was so much language issue….everyone used to talk in either Hindi or English & being a child of 6 years I used to cry because I was unable to communicate with anyone…even my parents weren’t living here in Amravati only me, my grandmother ,my brother & my sister….most of the teachers suggested my parents to change my school….as I was not able to cope up with studies(especially English)…they used to say that how she will handle such tough syllabus & all…blah blah….

.& then she(my ma’am) helped me out….taught me everything (though she was the  founder of school)  .she used to teach me when I was in 1st standard….& I gifted her this poem on the farewell day:'(….She was so happy …I could see proud in her eyes.

& the best part is that last week she got SAVITRI BAI PHULE award from Delhi board:):)…Congratulations ma’am 😇😇.
Proud to be your student!

Love you ma’am 💖


A little hope


She was tired of waiting
She was tired of holding it more
She was tired of controlling her emotions
Before it burst out
She should let it flow..

Two months were almost gone
& still no sign of response
Should he call
Or do I let it go?
Looking at the rain…she was thinking so

Suddenly she could hear her phone ringing
Might be his, her heart said whispering
Though mind denied the fact
Heart won…& she stood there intact

Not knowing what to do, she picked up the call
His ‘hi’ made memories come back all

Hiding from everyone
They talked for a while
His jokes made her smile

He said he would come back soon
& they said goodbye in a happy mood:)