Where am I ?

It’s 3 in the morning
I’m somewhere else
But I have a feeling this isn’t real
This thought arouses my mind
If thinking makes me real
So why isn’t this?
Where am I ? No where to go
I couldn’t complete this loop
I see my brain distorted
My thinking’s getting absurd
Thoughts unclear,
I wonder where am I ?
I could see the flames from far
I think, whom they are burning this late
And as I come closer
It is no one’s but mine
Now I wake up in some unknown place
Uncomfortably familiar
I could feel my body around me
I get so engaged in feeling my existence
And forgets
What was the dream and who was the dreamer?

~ Sakshi


I’m in middle of the woods
Waiting for light to enter
I stand between the trees
For sunshine to hit me
But I find none
I look for warmth
It’s getting cold
Soon I realize
My shadow is getting long
Dusk is falling rapidly
I should get back to cabin
But it’s nowhere to be found
I hunt for it with all my strength
And sit down, lost and tired
Of all the things I did
Does it really matter?
Am I really this old
Or is it only my soul echoing?
Maybe I should close my eyes
And get some closure for cries!

~ Sakshi


And soon the body submitted to faith
Maybe it was holy wraith
Calmly as if Tranquillitas has blessed
It walked slowly towards west
Rescue came from Dogoda itself
He laughed heavily like some mischievous elf

Flying over the Venus it went
Soul wasn’t ask for consent
And slowly it dawned upon me
Dying wasn’t an easy way to flee

Being loner was its way
Oizys is just like bae
Soon the sun above horizon came
The dream wasn’t so lame
Death is as obvious as life
She breathed this time to survive!

~ Sakshi


Look deep into the moment
Can feel it’s vibe ?
Don’t resign to the atonement
It’s from the older tribe
Those eyes don’t accept lies
And the truth it imbibes
You think you can get away
But it returns someday
The guilt doesn’t hide
For it came beyond pride
Take few breathes
And throw it aside
It’s the storm within
Slowly it will subside
The morning Star will shine
It will engulf you inside
It’s not the devil you hide
It’s your angel kept aside
Just look closely (within)!



It feels like infinity
To sleep beneath the stars
Watch my soul escape
Through the body it posses
Flying with the wind
Stars are taking it away
Moon doesn’t know this yet
I won’t stop it
I just let it free
It feels much lighter
Maybe it’s the happy end
Without my body and me
Because it’s the feminine soul
It’s merrier without being whole!



This world is too old to dive in
Let’s go away
Where we can just be us
Where there is no truth or lie
No good or bad
No life and no death
Just our souls
Just the last breathes
Where we wished we should have done something else
In those moments of grief
When all reality comes to your mind
When you know all your life you were being fooled
By the fake world
And could have lived better
It is just a matter of fact
You realize this but ‘you’ are no more
You just evaporate in the air
Disappear like magic
And entire life they tell you
There’s nothing like magic!



I have nothing to tell the world
My voice is as low as the deepest trench
I feel like I’m screaming from inside
Where no one can hear
There are just voices
Deep, saddening voices
Voices that have felt the pain
So deep so much that it can’t bear it
They don’t want to be liberated
They want to die
They need their existence wiped out from the world
As if they never existed
As if life was just a lie
As if their living was a horrible dream of a traveler
Who happened to pass this Earth
And now that he has woken up
Life failed to exist
As it already is!



You know what’s beautiful?
This feeling of emptiness
You fill it up with love
These flashing colours
Heavy rain and the chirping of birds
There is more than just life in them
It’s the soul that brightens after a heavy rain
You breathe in your existence
And you become aware of it
The moment you become empty
By giving it all to beloved
And by taking in all that you can
Get full of love
And then you look at the sky
It’s not just a piece of gas filled with water
There is so much more to it
There’s life in it!


Beyond words

I wish I could tell someone
How it feels to be internally burned
You wonder why I love winters
It’s the burns which heal in there
It’s something beyond words
Looking into deep lonely woods
And frozen lake
Near the wooden house
With no one around
It’s just you and your existence
You smile at this weird perfection
And keep walking in no direction
It’s snowing heavily
But you barely know
You keep walking towards anonymous glow
And when you reach the goal
It feels so warm
Like the early dawn
But I can’t really tell you how it feels
These words aren’t easy to deal
It breaks my heart to keep them alive
Because in this world no one looks through the eyes!~Sakshi