Happy Ending (A Poem)


Her pillow knows her every story
The one which she expected a sorry
Not only those which made her cry
But only those which made her cheeks dry

She made all compromises,
But yet alone in their promises.

He always made her feel special,
Though he was not in fettle.
They never fought for a thing,
Instead fought for every thing.

Though in their fight,
There was love in every sight.

He always asked her to stay,
But she always walked away,
In a hope that he would ask her to stay,
& then he looked at her with a gape.

For them they were felicitous,
But there was something mendacious.

It rained a lot when he went,
& after a year she read the letter sent

They met after a long
Maybe she read his letter late:'(

For every bye is not for departure,
But to meet somewhere in future.
For every bye is the sign of reunion
And hence her eyes never wept again:)

Liebster Award

Before writing anything else I would love to thank Piyush Bilandi & Nathprasad Dhanawat for nominating me for this award.
They both are excellent writers ..please do visit theis blogs.

Rules for this award
Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.
•Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you
•Give random facts about yourself
•Nominate 11 blogs
•Give 11 questions to answer them

So, here I go for the answers which were asked to me by Piyush
Q.1 What is your ambition in life?
~My ambition is to become a doctor but the most important thing in life is our satisfaction…because at the end of the day what matters the most is are you  satisfied with your life??…..my ambition is to achieve that satisfaction .

Q.2 If you could have a chance to live anywhere on Earth, where would it be?
~ I would love to live in Sydney for some years of my life…..but I wish I should die in India, my motherland.

Q.3 What you wanted to change in this world?
~ Well its quiet hard question to answer because there are many things to change but instead of doing that I would rather wish that change to happen in myself first…so that I would help to change the world.

Q.4 Why did you start blogging?
~ Since I was 9,I loved writing, I used to write everything about my life so that’s the reason I switched towards blogging….the most appropriate way to express my emotions.

Q.5 Suppose you are having  2 friends one is giving you good advice & the other is just saying you to do time pass which friend will you choose?
~ Obviously I would choose the one giving me good advice…but sometimes we unknowingly or knowingly walk with the one asking us to do time pass.

Q.6 What is the best thing you like about my blog?
~ Your blogs keeps updated & I love to read them….& I thank you for that.:)

Q.7 Any suggestions to improve my blog?
~ Well I guess I am too young to give anyone a suggestion & anyways your blogs are super cool👍👍✌

Q.8 What would be the first thing you want if you win a lottery?
~ Frankly speaking if I won a lottery, I would buy myself a sports car( though my dad have one….but that’s not a sports car)…sounds weird & I agree I can’t drive it but once I get license I would love to drive it;);)

Q.9 What is your favourite post you have written?
~ I love my poem on Life

Q.10 Describe yourself in 3 words.
~  That’s really hard but giving a try..LOVE WITH LIFE

Q.11 Why do you joined WordPress?
~ Just to express my views & to let know others too.

Now its time to answer Nathprasad’s questions:)~
Q.1 What is the most selfish thing you have ever done?
~ Well….the most selfish thing I have ever done is telling a student ( who was my competiter ) a wrong answer during exam though I know it was wrong.🙈🙈🙊 Though I apologized him for that.:'(:'(….& BTW I am selfish every time bcoz I eat all the ice cream & chocolates brought for my siblings😋😋

Q.2 Suppose…if your spouse represents to other country & the match has to played against your country, will you support to your spouse or your own country?
~ Obviously if spouse is supporting his country….why shouldn’t I support my country….& anyways there must be that much sense of understanding.

Q.3 What is the biggest regret of your life?
~ Well there is point in regretting ….but the biggest regret is if I have studied a bit more during my 10th boards I would have topped in school…..& now just bcoz of 4 marks I am not the topper….But its always better to move on…..the lesson from this incident is study more for NEET.😄

Q.4 Which is your favourite movie?
~ 🎬 A walk to remember 🎬
& Baby😎

Q.5 If you have give a choice to choose, 1)love marriage 2) Arrange marriage which one would you choose?
~ I am not 18+ so quite insane to answer this question but a/c to me i cannot imagine to spend my entire life with a person I don’t know about….so 1st option …but sometimes I feel that my parents know what’s good for me than I know for myself….therefore I am a bit confused😂😂

Q.6 Is money the root of all evil?
~ Well anything in excess is a catastrophe…. So if we know how to handle money its not the cause of evil….but the greed for money is lethal I think.

Q.7 When should you reveal a secret you said you wouldn’t?
~ On the death bed…..or in my will( which will open after my death😂)

Q.8 Do you like my blogs? If yes/no why?
~ Yes…..I love your blogs….bcoz some of them especially (the regret ) resembles my story…except the end

Q.9 Imagine its dark night, you are alone, its raining outside, you hear someone walking, around your window, who do you wish was there with you?
~ Someone whom I love the most😍

Q.10 Which would you choose , true love with someone with guarantee of broken heart , or never loved at all?
~ Never love at all….I don’t wanna sit my entire life thinking I shouldn’t have done that & listening arijit Singh’s songs😂😂….love for life or never at all.

Q.11 What is more difficult for you , looking into someone’s eyes when you are telling someone how u feel , or looking into someone’s eyes when they are telling u what they feel?
~ The 1 st one is more difficult for me cannot imagine myself doing that …I cannot express my emotions looking into someone’s eyes… Even in the mirror I cannot do that.🙈

Random facts about me ~
• love myself
• passionate writer
• I hate fake people
• don’t like talking behind the back
• would love to spend some years in Sydney 💖
• foodie
• hope to become a doctor someday
• Viratian 💖
• hard to control when I am angry…..but I am happy go lucky kind of person so don’t get angry easily

1. Nathprasad Dhanawat
2. Surya Pratap
3. Eugenia
4. Skyscapes for soul – Jeni Bate
5. Alanna
6. Miss Pandesal
7. Shalini
8. Shekhar
9. Mayur
10. Word Art
11. Esther

My questions ~
1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Which one mistake would you love to delete from your past if you were given a choice?
3. What is the best thing about you?
4. Who is the best person you met on WordPress ?
5. Given a choice- 1)Facebook 2) WordPress ….which one will you choose?
6. Would you like to give any suggestions to improve my blog?
7. If you were allowed to demand any one thing, what would be that?
8. Any question you would like to ask me?
9. If you were sponsored a tour which place you would love to visit?
10. A habit of you which you hate the most?
11. What kind of person you would love to be with – 1) the one who is fake but is nice to you…2) a person who is real but sometimes rude to you?

Thanks for reading!!…..& thank you Piyush & Nathprasad for nominating me:)



How boring is life
With sorrow at night
Its darkness waiting
To rise up with pride

But the patience is over
To get blessed with flower
My life is full of sorrow
And no more

But from a long darkness
With life full of care
And I have no space to go

But a day will come
That will empty all darkness
And I will be searching
For love💖




Stand up!! Be bold!!and take all the responsibilities on your shoulder said Vivekanand…but is it really so? No one in this world wants responsibilities,what everyone want is the success,the result which is hard to find.
I’ll do this,i’ll do that won’t work…. Someday never comes..What we have is today. Make your someday today which you talked about. Thinking to achieve something par your capabilities is not wrong but what I think is deserve before you desire and desire before you achieve. What we are is the result of our past actions, so what we would be shall depend on what we do today & so if you desire today you shall definately achieve it tommorow.
In our life being confident is more important than merly being a perfectionist, because perfection means to do the best but what confidence means is how to handle the worst. Blaming the past which has already gone & worrying for the future which is yet to come won’t work.
If you really want to achieve something walk away from the crowd; crowd will merely provide you strength,moral support but never ever it will provide you with your identity. Following the crowd is what lossers do, be the winner make the crowd follow you.
Had that simple boy from Rameshwaram ever thought that he would be Kalam… No!  he made himself capable. In this world don’t waste your time to show yourself superior because people are upset with most superior almighty…& anyway you are here to live your life not to prove it to others!!