I have nothing to tell the world
My voice is as low as the deepest trench
I feel like I’m screaming from inside
Where no one can hear
There are just voices
Deep, saddening voices
Voices that have felt the pain
So deep so much that it can’t bear it
They don’t want to be liberated
They want to die
They need their existence wiped out from the world
As if they never existed
As if life was just a lie
As if their living was a horrible dream of a traveler
Who happened to pass this Earth
And now that he has woken up
Life failed to exist
As it already is!


Author: sakshibhojane04

Life is all about how you look at it

18 thoughts on “Nothing”

  1. I know this story from the inside. I hear you.
    One of my favorite sayings is ‘It is what it is.’ I laughed without mirth when I read it as your tagline here. Another is ‘This too shall pass.’ I’m somewhat old now. This story you have written shapes me, but I see light. Feel richly without fear. Depth of feeling is a beauty beyond compare, though it is suffering too – but not beyond worth. -sheri -sherijkennedyriverside

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