You know what’s beautiful?
This feeling of emptiness
You fill it up with love
These flashing colours
Heavy rain and the chirping of birds
There is more than just life in them
It’s the soul that brightens after a heavy rain
You breathe in your existence
And you become aware of it
The moment you become empty
By giving it all to beloved
And by taking in all that you can
Get full of love
And then you look at the sky
It’s not just a piece of gas filled with water
There is so much more to it
There’s life in it!


Author: sakshibhojane04

Life is all about how you look at it

8 thoughts on “Emptiness”

  1. I see how your poetry has evolved since 2017. Well done! Been reading about Buddhism a lot lately, they speak so much of “emptiness.” Hard to grab hold of, conceptually. Still, the universe finds ways to explain itself! Thank you!

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